Minicapital was founded because of poor experiences of accounting companies.

The founders of the accounting company have extensive experience in business, administration and therefore also a long experience about various accounting companies. Recent accounting company was one of the biggest in Finland and could have been expected, that the accounting services there had been price-quality ratio right – was not! On the contrary, the price rose every fiscal year and it felt, that the quality of accounting deteriorated. Something had to be done.

The task of accounting company can’t be the “plundering” of the customer, that is to overprice their services and bill from customers unexpected “additional costs”. The accounting company must be able to serve the client so, that both parties regard the price right about the service. It should also be remembered, that the benefit of the client is always also the benefit of the accounting company. Only on this basis the long-term customer relationships can been established.

There was born the idea, where the services of accounting company are truly electrified for the entire service chain: That means for the customers, for the accounting company, stakeholders and authorities. After the product development of several years, the new accountancy systems has been got into production. We are now able to offer for our customers the right priced (read cheap) services of an accounting. By this way we support the business of our customers.

There exists many sizes of businesses with the variety of different needs. All business is characterized, however, to produce a profit for their owners. A good accounting company mission is to support, advise and assist their clients to achieve this target. Through our extensive network of experts you get assistance for everything related to the financial management and the best thing is, it is existing there, but you do not need to pay about it in advance.

We welcome you to the group of our satisfied customers!

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